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From 2011 to 2019, Yoomee Mobile was always the first telecom operator to launch innovative products on the market. From the WIMAX technology launched in Cameroon in 2011, to the 4GLte launched in Côte d'Ivoire in 2014, Yoomee Mobile today has the privilege of being the only Cameroonian operator to use both CDMA and Lte technologies. And that's not all !


Service client

Service client

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  • Box LTE Yoomee

    29.900 CFA
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  • Cartes de recharge YooMee, 1000 F, 2000 F, 5000 F, 10000 F, 25000 F

    1.000 CFA
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  • Clé internet USB modem, 4G LTE

    11.900 CFA
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  • Le téléphone C2 Yoomee, CDMA, 1200 mAh

    8.400 CFA
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  • MIFI LTE, 3000 mAh, 32 Go de stockage

    19.900 CFA
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  • Trendy phone, 4G, 16 Go, dual SIM

    59.900 CFA
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